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Spread of islam through the silk road by tim strickman on. Encounter s betw een islam and buddhism are as old as islam itself. Islam flourished during the brutal but religiously tolerant mongol yuan dynasty. The myth that islam destroyed buddhism in central asia, india, etc. Students will use technology to explore the social, cultural, religious, and economic impact of the silk road and other transcontinental trade routes between the classical era and gunpowder empires of world history. History of islam in china and the spread of the islamic. There is a really enjoyable book about auriel stein and the other western explorersarchaeologist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries that explored the taklamakan desert of western china and the ancient silk road cities. Buddhism and islam on the silk road johan elverskog. Johan elverskog is exceedingly well read in the relevant literature, and his book is fascinating and thoughtprovoking. Buddhism and islam on the silk road demonstrates that the history of buddhistmuslim interaction is much richer and more complex than many assume. The silk road 731 making up only 5% of the total world trade and it was not going through anatolia on its path.

While the silk road was a twoway route, most of its movement was eastward, carrying buddhism, zoroastrianism, judaism, and later, islam. This road also functioned as a bridge in between people and cultures for centuries. Pdf buddhism and islam on the silk road dipen barua. The unesco nomads route expedition retracing the silk road across. It has fewer than a million people and lies in the shadow of its wealthy neighbors, shanghai and wenzhou. Johan elverskogs book, buddhism and islam on the silk road, challenges this perception by giving us a new perspective on buddhist and islamic interaction along this extensive trade route. The silk road metaphor has been used in a variety of discourses of different actors such as japan, china, russia, india, and the us. Buddhism and islam on the silk roaddemonstrates that the history of buddhistmuslim interaction is much richer and more complex than many assume. Main idea political heavy taxes implemented by conquering islamic armies convinced many people to convert jiyza islamic empire expanded all the way to tarim basin central asia after receiving submission of nonmuslim arab clans, muslims reached out across the arabian. The civilizations which flourished along the silk road in the first millennium ce were open to cultural and religious influences from both east and west. Our pdf merger allows you to quickly combine multiple pdf files into one single pdf document, in just a few clicks.

Islam flourished during the brutal but religiously. Islam came to china via the silk road, the great trading route beginning in the ancient chinese capital of xian. Buddhism the spread of buddhism along the silk road. As such, people have come to accept as true that buddhists and muslims never enjoyed good relations after coming into contact with each other.

The spread of buddhism and islam xinru liu the college of new jersey since andre gunder frank published the centrality of central asia1 in 1992, world historians have paid more attention to the dynamic forces radiating from central asia during the last few thousand years. Topics buddhism, comparative religion collection opensource language english. With the spread of islam into the regions around the silk road, many of the stupas and temples were destroyed or left abandoned in the desert. Similar to yourself, i am particularly interested in coins that reflect a strong multicultural and multilingual roots. For much of this time, most silk road traders coming from western eurasia were muslim, and they brought their beliefs and rich culture to millions of people. If they indeed did read the book, they would of known that buddhism did not cease to exist on the silk road. Christianity was spread from east to west primarily as the form known as nestorianism, and introduced to china through the silk road in 635. The silk road itself was pioneered sometime during the midfirst millennium b. The silk road transmission between eastern and indian buddhism thus came to an end in the 8th century, on one hand because islam in central asia repressed buddhism along the silk road itself, but also because buddhism in both india and china were in decline by that time. Spread of religion through the silk road by ziyaad m on prezi. After about the first century ad, the spread of buddhism among learned people was helped by the practice of writing down and translating buddhist scriptures or sutra into different languages. Foltz is an assistant professor in the department of religion at the university of florida. For instance, japan, emphasized the silk road diplomacy in 1990s and in 2002.

Five college center for east asian studies buddhism along. This article explores the religious and social life of central asian peoples both before and after islamization, relying on historical records written in arabic, persian, and chinese, as well as modern scholarship in art history and archaeology. Many great processes of world history had their origins in central asia. No religious tradition in history favored trade to the extent islam did. He is the author of several books and articles including religions of the silk road, mughal india and central asia, and conversations with emperor jahangir. There is a myth that has the end of buddhism in india a result of the destruction of the buddhist monastery of nalanda by muslim raiders in 1202. The peoples of the silk road in its early decades followed many different religions. Silk road, taklamakan desert, bactrian camel, mogao caves, greater afroeurasian silk road, age of the four empires, sogdians, second chinese empire, religions along the silk road, dar alislam, song era, pax mongolica, great eurasian pandemic, timurids, new world silver, qing dynasty, indian diaspora, orenburg line, the cotton. Since islam condemned the iconography, most of the buddhist statues and wallpaintings were damaged or destroyed. Naming it the silk road is probably misleading as although silk was important increasingly so in tang china, it wasnt usually the top trade items, for example, sources suggesting ammonium chloride was the top trade item in a number of routes.

Belief systems when china opened the way to silk road trade by defeating the xiongnu confederation and pushing chinese military control over trade routes northwesterly as far as the tarim basin, buddhism was known in central asia but had not yet spread to china or elsewhere in east asia. Buddhism and islam on the silk road demonstrates that the history of. In western countries, the skill of producing silk remained largely unknown until the 12th century however once this changed, the route began to lose its major significance. In the tang dynasty, guangdong province and quanzhou were the strongholds of most islamic believers. Abstract islam came to china via the silk road, the great trading route beginning in the ancient chinese capital of xian. Today, we call this way the silk road, and we associate it with famous travellers like marco polo, whose journeys to china astounded the europeans of his day. History of islam in china and the distribution of the islamic faith in china. Harsh repressive measures were employed against the rebellious muslims of the qing dynasty. Islam would be more than seven centuries in the future. The arabs invaded central asia under the flag of islam in 711, capturing the. Ebscohost serves thousands of libraries with premium essays, articles and other content including a silk road legacy.

This groundbreaking book covers inner asia from the eighth century through the mongol empire and to the end of the qing dynasty in the late nineteenth century. But it was buddhism, travelling the trade routes of the silk road, which became the common factor uniting the different. China is building a new silk road that runs through the heartland of the muslim world. The silk road journey with xuanzang by sally hovey wriggins and buddhism and islam on the silk road by johan elverskog could be used for additional class discussions or writing assignments. A most significant development happened at the same time as the buddhist movement began to spread and that was the opening of a new way through, from india to china. Thus to me the silk road is one of the best representations of the theme. Buddhism and islam on the silk road encounters with asia. While traits of gandharan, hellenistic and nomadic scythian traditions, merged with. Today, buddhism is a popular world religion and that can be largely attributed to the silk road. Particularly the pre islamic silk road is particularly interesting as it was a. Buddhism and islam on the silk road by johan elverskog. Decline of buddhism the decline of buddhism along the silk road was due to the collapse of the tang dynasty in the east and the invasion of arabs in the west. Central asia as an emerging geopolitical discourse 358 interests of great powers.

The silk road is iconic because of how greatly it altered the many cultures involved. Many nestorian churches were built along the silk road. Johan elverskog buddhism and islam on the silk road. From the seventh century ad, arab muslims traveled to china by the silk road or the sea route to spread islam. Buddhism and islam on the silk road is a scholarly work, but one that provides enough background to be accessible to those without specialist knowledge, of the region or of either religion. The impact of the silk road and islam on world history overview. This paper seeks to initiate dialogue between islam and buddhism through the islamic concept of ummatan wasaan middle nation and the buddhist concept of majjhimapatipada middle way as a. It spread to persia and india as well, along with its syriac language and script. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. In fact, much of the knowledge we have today about the spread of buddhism comes from documents that have survived at sites such as dunhuang on the silk road. Silk road was a major trade route of its time that retained its importance for 2,000 years.

The impact of the silk road and islam on world history. The conversion to islam started in the 8th century in central asia. Cultural hegemony along the silk road in the year 1985, there was a marvelous exhibition to be visited at the david and alfred smart museum, chicago. Islam came to china via the silk road, the great trading route beginning in the ancient. Premodern patterns of globalization 2nd edition by foltz, r. This groundbreaking book covers inner asia from the eighth century through the mongol empire and to the end. The widespread adoption of islam beyond the arab peninsula is recorded in some older histories as starting as early as the midseventh century, but in fact, this probably did not occur until at least a century later. A historical overview on buddhism and islam indian society before the birth of buddhism and arab society before the birth of islam share several characteristics, such as polytheism, the worshipping of idols and the existence of great social inequalities. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Its leaders promise to bring about change through improved economies. Buy buddhism and islam on the silk road encounters with asia by johan elverskog isbn. Many religions, including christianity, buddhism, hinduism, islam, zoroastrianism and manichaeism, gained new followers.

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