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Socialbakers tracks, analyzes and benchmarks over 8 million social profiles across all the major social platforms. Get opinions from real users about socialbakers suite with capterra. In addition to offering one of the largest databases of free social media statistics and insights in the world, they provide userfriendly social media solutions that allow brands to measure, compare, and optimize their social campaigns with competitive intelligence that is second to none. Socialbakers launches paid analytics enterprise times. Socialbakers is a collection of analytics tools that includes all the. Socialbakers suite is a marketing platform that leverages the power of machine learning to help brands make smarter investments on social media. We empower our clients with the largest dataset in the industry and advanced tools for easy and.

Password must contain at least two of the following. An understanding of digital marketing is crucial to success. Top online video analytics tools that you should use. Leveraging the largest social media dataset in the industry, socialbakers social media. Socialbakers adds aipowered audience segmentation to its. Across the categories of social media suites, analytics, management and monitoring and also influencer marketing. With metrics that go beyond youtube analytics, vidiq vision delivers a. Exporting in csv or excel formats and download any metrics as jpg, png. Socialbakers becomes a linkedin marketing analytics partner. Export data from youtube analytics for the latest updates on how were addressing the coronavirus covid19 situation, please visit ytcovid19, or subscribe here.

Companies using socialbakers analytics and its marketshare. Socialbakers is the first aipowered social media marketing suite for brands and agencies of all sizes. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. Socialbakers competitors, revenue and employees owler.

To get an accurate number, use the totals in youtube analytics. Socialbakers analytics report predicts a france versus. There are quite a few instagram analytics tools available for those with business. These youtube analytic tools can help you discover what kinds of videos will encourage your audience to take action. Daten aus youtube analytics exportieren youtubehilfe. Statistics of the top youtube channels socialbakers. Facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter the history of socialbakers goes all the way back to 2009, when it was a social media marketing agency called candytech. Socialbakers social media marketing platform is the goto place for marketers, allowing teams to save time and resources by managing entire social media marketing campaigns in a userfriendly. The professionals behind socialbakers are experts in social media. Data from deleted items will still be counted in aggregate stats and totals. Socialbakers has released an ios app for its analytics platform to help marketers access the most important stats and get updates about their businesses on the go. You may see different metrics in youtube analytics based on the platform classic on a computer, youtube studio on a computer, or the youtube studio app.

Socialbakers provides a fresh and new vision of analytics for instagram. Youtube provides an inhouse analytics tool so anyone who has uploaded videos can understand their performance. Nu ga ik dieper in op 2 van deze facebook analytics tools. Socialbakers is an analytics platform that allows brands to measure, compare and optimize their social media campaigns. If youre a content manager, you can also download reports for multiple channels. Socialbakerss youtube stats summary profile social. By clicking the create an account button, you hereby acknowledge that we, socialbakers a. Youtube will remove deleted videos, playlists, and channels from youtube analytics, and the youtube analytics api when you request it. If you are a licensed socialbakers analytics users, download socialbakers app.

Socialbakers is a user friendly social media analytics platform which provides a leading global solution that allows brands to measure, compare, and contrast the success of their social media campaigns. Socialbakers provides a free instagram analytics tool for both. Socialbakers is taking social media analytics to asias. Socialbakers is a perfect tool in scheduling your content because it allows you to upload the content, without any hassle and it saves much of your time. Learn about the best socialbakers suite alternatives for your social media marketing software needs. Socialbakers is a trusted social media marketing partner to. The best free and paid social media analytics tools brandwatch. With over 3,000 clients across the globe, socialbakers suite is one of the leading marketing cloud for social media, monitoring over 8 million social profiles across all major platforms including facebook, twitter, youtube. Check out youtube statistics of the most popular social media channels like youtube, linkedin or youtube brasil. Social media management platform, socialbakers, has added paid analytics.

A user friendly social media analytics platform which provides a leading global solution that allows brands to. Socialbakers analytics is most often used by companies with 0 employees and m dollars in revenue. Top 3 socialbakers alternatives updated on march 27th, 2020. Top 12 free instagram analytics tools you should be using. With the help of capterra, learn about socialbakers suite, its features, pricing information, popular comparisons to other social media marketing products and more. Many marketers try socialbakers for its range of analytics across major social platforms, but are sometimes overwhelmed by the interface. Uptodate metrics are available faster in analytics on youtube studio both on a computer and on the app than on creator studio classic. Uncover your companys strengths and weaknesses with social media analytics you can use at scale. Is socialbakers suite the right social media marketing solution for your business. Discover your customer personas, what content they like, and influencers.

From free influencer discovery to social media benchmarking, get everything you need to boost your social media. Access competitive insights and benchmarks to outperform your competitors. Socialbakers named a leader in social media marketing suites. View the daily youtube analytics of socialbakers and track progress charts, view future predictions, related channels, and track realtime live sub counts. There are few tools which provide the detailed reporting to be found. The new addition comes as organisations seek to increase their marketing spend on social media ads. Socialbakers is the fastestgrowing social media and digital analytics company globally, enabling firms to track and enhance the impact of their social marketing campaigns across all major platforms including twitter, facebook, youtube. Socialbakers analytics now has an ios app digital boom. Manage and measure everything from social media to your audiences in one place. We have found 32 companies that use socialbakers analytics. From the general vision of instagram we can see details of the changes in the growth of the community, both in a row as. Socialbakers unified social analytics suite in 2020. Socialbakers is the trusted social media management partner to thousands of enterprise brands and smbs.

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