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Design and drawing is a learning guide to design and drawing of constructing buildings using reinforced cement concrete r c c. In working with concrete, veteran builder rick arnold explains everything from mix characteristics and formwork options to waterproofing details and repair. The slab is made of a thin 15mm flat layer of ferrocement stiffened by a set of ribs, and a series of experiments indicating the potential. The construction and design of concrete slabs on grade d. Concrete basics also assists owner builders in the supervision of construction. Basic construction manual for a single storey domestic dwelling. Introduction to concrete portland cement association. Concrete slab on grade analysis the engineering community. Handbook on good building, design and construction in the. Fundamentals of post tensioned design for buildings. When wet concrete is poured directly inside the frame, the wood holds it in place while it dries to form the slab. This program is aimed at builders, site supervisors, construction managers, owners representatives, architects, and anyone who wishes to gain further knowledge in the construction of concrete. Concrete floor slabs employing portland cement, regardless of slump, will start to experience a. Residential structural design guide second edition hud user.

Concrete construction ebook pdf craftsman book company. Shoes new techniques for concrete reinforcement, pouring, testing, installing joints, finishing and curing the concrete. The same techniques of casting in textures can be used to increase the. Each method has particular loading conditions and slab types for which its most effective. On the right hand edge of the sheet is a visual cross reference tab referring to construction types. This book discusses the influence of steel fiberreinforcement on the shear. A new look for concrete through the liftslab technique. Concrete slabs are categorized into different types that determine the strength of the concrete and how much reinforcement it receives during construction. The reason why, concrete and steel are used together to construct rcc slab, is in their individual properties as separate building materials and their individual limitation. Modern construction methods mmc are methods that are developed in construction industry with proper planning and design so that each project reduces the construction time, cost and maintain overall sustainability. To make a concrete slab, a frame is first constructed from wood. Fundamentals of posttensioned concrete design for buildings.

Specifically, a concrete slab on grade may be subjected to concentrated post or wheel loading. The rate of change of slope is represented by the value q. The optimal combination of the properties of the two most popular construction materials, i. Living up to the standard set by its bestselling predecessor, this second edition of the concrete construction engineering handbook covers the entire range of issues pertaining to the construction and design of reinforced and prestressed concrete. Sandwich slabs may have the disadvantage of a larger weight compared to the ribbed ones but on the other hand, they have the advantage that their spans and supports behave in the same proper way.

Furthermore, timing of these concreting operations and finishing techniques is critical. Click download or read online button to get aci 302 1r 15 guide to concrete floor and slab construction book now. The term concrete refers to a mixture of aggregates, usually sand. Gustafson vice president of engineering, concrete reinforcing steel institute. The first iaea training course on the ndt of concrete. Quality of concrete slab or floor is highly dependent on achieving a hard and durable surface that is plane and free of cracks. The best practices guidelines for concrete construction has been developed by the ontario general contractors association ogca and the ready mixed concrete association of ontario rmcao with the assistance of industry stakeholders.

Preservativetreated wood, precast concrete, and other methods may also be used. Pdf concrete technology books collection free download. Design is defined as the decisionmaking process of planning, sizing, detailing, and developing specifications preceding construction of slabs onground. It is not only important in terms of its contribution to economy, it is also. It covers everything you need to know about concrete along with styrofoam forming systems, fiber reinforcing adjuncts, and some architectural innovations, like architectural foam elements, that can help you offer more in the jobs you bid on. Proven construction techniques should be adhered to in the foundation work. Filler slab technology is a simple and a very innovative technology for a slab construction. Cracking of the slab cause solution poor construction techniques and practices follow good construction practices, including the following. Flat slab analysis, design and detailing pdf civil.

Floors types of floors methods of construction of floor. Introduction to repair and strengthening of reinforced concrete structures 1. May 15, 2003 whether youre pouring a concrete walkway or staking out the excavation for a basement foundation, doing the job right demands a thorough knowledge of concrete construction techniques. Download aci 302 1r 15 guide to concrete floor and slab construction or read aci 302 1r 15 guide to concrete floor and slab construction online books in pdf, epub and mobi format. Whether youre pouring a concrete walkway or staking out the excavation for a basement foundation, doing the job right demands a thorough knowledge of concrete construction techniques. Pdf reinforced concrete design or reinforced cement.

Repair and strengthening of reinforced concrete structures. Concrete is good in taking compression and steel is good in tension. The freeboard requirements of asce 2405, however, are invoked only when a home is placed within a floodway. A civil engineer must know all the aspects regarding the flat floor system. This is a normal rcc slab where the bottom half tension concrete portions are replaced by filler materials such as bricks, tiles, cellular concrete blocks, etc. Aci 302 1r 15 guide to concrete floor and slab construction. Grdslab is a spreadsheet program written in msexcel for the purpose of analysis of concrete slabs on grade. The main advantages of this form of construction are that the precast concrete slabs can span up to 15 m without propping, the erection of 1. Metal reinforcements are typically added to strengthen the concrete. As a best practices approach, the freeboard requirements of asce 2405 should be met for all coastal construction both residential and nonresidential. A program certificate is awarded after completion of the following required courses 17 pdh.

Unblocked roof and floor construction using douglasfir framing. Introduction to concrete concretess versatility, durability, sustainability, and economy have made it the worldss most widely used construction material. Construction of rc components of buildings, the majority of which are standardized and produced either at the construction site, or much more often in plants in a location away from the building, and then transportedto thesite forassembly. Good building design and construction handbook page 4 forewords yiping zhou director special unit for southsouth cooperation, undp good building design and construction. Little book of concrete national precast concrete association.

These filler materials are so placed as not to compromise the structural strength, result in replacing unwanted and nonfunctional tension concrete, thus re. In reality, sandwich slabs are ribbed slabs with a slab placed both to their upper and lower surface. Modern construction methods details and applications. Concrete floor slabs on ground 15 types of floor construction 15 basic requirements 15 combined slab and foundation 15 independent concrete slab and foundation walls 15 vapor barrier under concrete slab 17 insulation requirements for concrete floor slabs on ground 18 insulation types 18 protection against termites 19. Information on other aspects, su ch as materials, construction methods, placement of concrete, and finishing techniques, is. A need was therefore identified for a guidebook on the ndt of concrete. The construction and design of concrete slabs on grade. Modern methods of construction mmc concrete centre. The development of these methods was a necessity due to different causes, such as inadequate maintenance, overloading of the. Constructing and pouring foundation walls, slabs, sidewalks, driveways.

Composite construction of steel and concrete is a popular structural method due to its numerous advantages against conventional solutions. Asce, secb course content slab on grades construction. Hold the cone firmly in place when putting concrete in it by standing on the foot lugs. In a large majority of cases, segmental construction has been the winner. Concrete floor slab construction process includes erection of formwork, placement of reinforcement, pouring, compacting and finishing concrete and lastly removal of formwork and curing of concrete slab. Methods of slab design in d u s t r ial floor designs usually a r e based on one or more of the five design methods listed below. To understand construction estimating one must also understand plan reading and construction techniques. Construction of rc components of buildings, the majority of. Composite construction an overview sciencedirect topics. Structural concrete structures reinforced concrete construction.

Concrete construction tips finishing flatwork concrete. Structural concrete is concrete that will normally be placed into reinforced structural elements such as beams, columns, walls, and slabs small enough that heat generation isnt a problem. This comprehensive concrete manual has both the triedandtested methods and. This course is intended to be an introductory course for structural engineers new to posttensioned. Concrete slab finishes and the use of fnumber system. Different strengthening techniques have been developed so far for the reinforced concrete slabs with or without cutouts. Design of reinforced concrete 10th edition pdf free. Introduction concrete slabs on grade are a very common type of concrete construction. The properties of the surface are determined by the quality of the concreting operations.

Design is defined as the decisionmaking process of planning, sizing, detailing, and developing specifications preceding construction of slabsonground. Before construction begins, the construction site must be carefully prepared. Jun 30, 2010 insulated polystyrene concrete forms icfs, including arxx and outsulation systems. Little green book of concrete national precast concrete. Preparing the grade, or roadbed the majority of concrete pavement failures are not caused by failure of the concrete slab but by problems with the. About four tons of concrete are produced per person per year worldwide and about 1. The code also covers the strength evaluation of existing concrete structures. Floor slabs can range from a simple residential basement slab to a heavyduty industrial floor. This text presents a mixture of fundamentals along with practical methods. Request pdf concrete slab comparison and embodied energy optimisation for alternate design and construction techniques construction material consumption is greater than any time in history.

Measuring the nearsurface moisture condition of concrete slabs and gypsum screeds. Do not finish concrete surfaces when bleed water is present. Much of the information contained in this book has evolved during the last 15 to 20. Keep concrete continuously moist for at least 24 hours. Guide for concrete floor and slab construction aci 302. The paper deals with an introduction and implementation of super performing building materials and techniques all in terms of energy saving efficiency of the material, cost efficiency, application. The use of the concrete ie driveway, housing slab, commercial. The building code requirements for structural concrete code covers the materials, design, and construction of structural concrete used in buildings and where applicable in nonbuilding structures. This will assure proper designs, expedite the work, and reduce costs. Construction techniques for segmental concrete bridges. This comprehensive concrete pdf ebook has both the triedandtested methods and materials, and more recent innovations. The reported study deals with a new type of slab for semiprefabricated construction, indicating the main advantages of this type of slab in comparison to well known techniques of building with skins. The concrete slab on grade is the most popular foundation.

These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Using hundreds of plans, sketches, and photos, the book builds case studies of the major construc. The most common residential foundation materials are concrete masonry i. Modern methods of construction mmc the concrete industry embraces innovation and modern methods of construction mmc by offering concrete solutions which can be used to reduce construction time and promote sustainable development, as well as offering cost savings.

The national precast concrete association produced this book in conjunction with the british precast concrete. Here, we have tried to gather various reading materials available in the web about flat slab floor system in one place. In turn, the concrete slab and foundation transfer those forces directly to the ground as shown in figure 42. Besides being a medic, he loves blogging, and he always strives hard to share the highquality content with others. Jun 24, 2008 the first edition of this comprehensive work quickly filled the need for an indepth handbook on concrete construction engineering and technology. Proceedings of the international conference on concrete slabs held at dundee university, 36 april 1979. The slab is made of a thin 15mm flat layer of ferrocement stiffened by a set of ribs, and a series of experiments indicating the potential application of the. The book has been updated to incorporate the requirements of the 2010 national building. A scale isometric illustration of a corner of a typical building employing the system, and diagram showing a unit of the system, a typical unit joint and a typical view of a completed building in which the system is used. Once the decision is made to employ this method, the main. It explains planning the pour and what to expect in prepour inspections.

Figure 42 slab ongrade and perimeter footing transfer loads into soil. Concrete has become a very common construction material in most iaea member states and problems have occurred because of faulty construction practice. The bond between concrete and reinforcement bars is very important to develop the composite behaviour of reinforced concrete. Use of costeffective construction technologies in india to.

The fundamentals of concrete construction certificate program covers the best practices and means and methods for concrete construction. Design of reinforced concrete 10th edition pdf free download. For more information on anchorage of braced walls to slab ongrade construction, see chapter 3 of this guide. Flat slab system is an important division of concrete floor system. Code nbc and the 2012 interim changes to the 2010 nbc for energy efficiency. Specialist techniques and materials for concrete construction. Reinforced concrete rc is a composite material in which concrete s relatively low tensile strength and. The attached excerpted resource materials have been made.

Siene river le havre, france construction duration. Guidebook on nondestructive testing of concrete structures. The f f number relates to the rate of change of the elevation of a concrete floor over a 12 interval. Bond strength is influenced by several factors such as bar diameter. It provides the fundamental concepts required for designing reinforced concrete rc structures, emphasizing principles. Concrete construction this comprehensive concrete manual has the information you need, both the triedandtested methods and materials, and more recent innovations. This support should extend 50mm beyond the base of the cone to provide space for the concrete to spread when the cone is removed later. Modern methods of construction 5 foreword the uk construction sector is a strategically significant part of the uk economy.

A hump in a slab produces a negative q value while a trough or depression produces a positive q. Construction of precast reinforced concrete structures istvan vidovszky phd definition vidovszky butebmefaculty of architecture department of construction technology and management 2 9112012 prefabricated reinforced concrete construction. It is particularly well adapted to use with sitecast concrete because concrete, above all other building materials, can be designed and molded to fit its requirements. Consulting engineers chicago, illinois one of the primary advantages of segmental concrete bridge construction is the economics. Advances in concrete slab technology 1st edition elsevier. This book is designed to teach the construction student these three core skills in equal measure. Of course, all concrete is considered structural, since its at the core of most construction projects. These materials are originally located at different websites. For finishing flatwork you should be using the following equipment. There are many methods followed and constructed in the present scenario widespread. Lift slab is essentially a technique for erecting building materials.

This includes preparing the grade, establishing control mechanisms the stringline, and placing dowel baskets. This site is like a library, use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want. Handbook of concrete engineering civil technocrats. In design process we must take two important points in considerations. It covers styrofoam forming systems, fiber reinforcing adjuncts, and some architectural innovations, like architectural foam elements, that can help you offer more in the jobs you. Wood frame construction manual wfcm continue to use asd load combinations.

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